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Compose, Capture, Create.
 Hi, my name is Nia Jacobs. I am a freelance and 
 self-employed photographer, my goal is to help 
 you to visually remember your special days by
 capturing those memorable and most cherished 
 I offer many different services such as Weddings,
 Newborns, Family Portraits and many more; as a
 photographer I understand the idea of capturing 
 all of those precious moments that you can later 
 look back on and smile about, whether it be your
 special day with the one you love or photographs 
 of your little ones. 
 Make sure to check out my portfolio for different examples of my photography and
 if you would like to get in touch about any of the services provided then please feel free to go to the contact page and fill out a form, also if you head on over to 
 the pricing page then you will see the full range of services that I offer.